The TF Method™

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness and well being. We’ve designed our method to ensure our clients receive the best results possible, without the time spent with us impacting detrimentally on work or family life. 

The TF Method™ combines resistance and cardiovascular training with flexibility, mobility and core strength work, all in a 30 minute session, three or four times per week. Our method has been proven to be extremely effective in a wide variety of clients including those who wish to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase flexibility, increase fitness levels or improve mental health (or a combination of all of these!)

Your sessions with us are personalised to you, however the principles of the TF Method™ are applied to all clients. We even find many elements of our method safe and effective for pre and post natal clients, as well as rehabilitation clients. 

At your consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss your goals your previous fitness and health history and how we will apply the TF Method™ to your training. We are certain that you’ll love the TF Method™ and can guarantee that in as little as 8 sessions, you will see an improvement in both your physical and mental health.